A Political Thriller

“An entertaining political thriller—smart and engrossing. No shortage of political intrigue depicted with astuteness and emotional drama.”
—Kirkus Reviews

If politics is a game, who better to play it than a master showman like a mega-rock star?

America has adored mega-rock star Tyler Sloan for decades, and when he decides to leave the Las Vegas stage to run for a seat on the United States Senate, it’s assumed that he’ll run an unconventional campaign. He exceeds expectations—and more.

No stranger to politics, Sloan’s estranged father was a California governor who narrowly lost his presidential campaign. It’s this experience—and his performance skills, on full display as Sloan renders a show-stopping performance as an independent candidate for Senate. He expresses disdain for the two-party system, refuses campaign contributions, and dismisses special interests and lobbyists. He immediately finds himself caught in a political campaign fraught with scandal, corruption, and conflicting loyalties—personally, politically and romantically.

Will Tyler be able to handle political turbulence and his own past? As the countdown to election day begins, Sloan is focused on winning and taking center stage.

A new imprint from RealClear Politics
RealClear Publishing

Center Stage Cover
January 12, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64543-794-9

Wayne Avrashow

“It is immensely gratifying to be the first fiction author published by RealClear Publishing, a venture of RealClearPolitics. I’m a big fan of RCP. It is a rare and welcomed site, bringing together points of view across the political spectrum and objective poll data. Carl Cannon’s Morning Note displays his command and understanding of history, culture and sports and he cleverly links historic milestones to today’s political events. I constantly tinker with RCP’s electoral maps, I’m afraid I’m addicted. Since Center Stage is a political novel the platform of RealClear is a perfect match.”

—Wayne Avrashow, Author

Carl Cannon

“In an era of predictable hyper-partisanship, not just in politics, but also in popular culture and the media, RealClear Politics’ foray into publishing was a logical next step for an nonpartisan enterprise dedicated to airing views that span the ideological spectrum. Although our initial plan was to publish only non-fiction, at a time when what’s happening in Washington would strain the credulity of pulp fiction readers, Center Stage seemed perfectly timed.”

—Carl Cannon, Executive Editor, RealClear Media Group