A Political Thriller

“An entertaining political thriller—smart and engrossing. No shortage of political intrigue depicted with astuteness and emotional drama.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Center Stage

“Avrashow’s book is an entertaining reveal of an unconventional candidate and campaign. It’s filled with drama, hope, and conflict.”

—Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles (ret.)

“In the tradition of Allen Drury and Richard Condon comes the next great author of political thrillers: Wayne Avrashow.”

—Michael Levin, New York Times bestselling author

“An entertaining political thriller—smart and engrossing. No shortage of political intrigue depicted with astuteness and emotional drama.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Wayne Avrashow has written a political thriller that draws on his considerable experience…a great read.”

—Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles City Councilmember (ret.) and Los Angeles County Supervisor (ret.)

“As an elected official, Center Stage is a compelling read…I was rooting for Tyler Sloan. A thrilling ride of an unconventional campaign, and I’m hoping it becomes a movie or limited series.”

—John Lee, Los Angeles City Councilmember

“A riveting page-turner…Center Stage has all the elements to be developed into a memorable film dramatization.”

—Peter Saphier, former executive at Universal Studios and Paramount Studios; co-producer, Scarface; acquired the novel Jaws for Universal

“I served with Sonny Bono in Congress, and Tyler Sloan would be a fascinating candidate for the United States Senate.”

—Howard Berman, Esq., United States Congressman, former Chairman House Committee on Foreign Affairs (ret.)

“Political drama, complex relationships, and a page-turning narrative all compete for your undivided attention in Avrashow’s entertaining debut.”

—Elizabeth L. Silver, author of The Execution of Noa P. Singleton

“Pin-sharp and compelling, with wry humor and real authenticity. One of my top five books of the year (so far!).”

—Robert Parker, bestselling author of Far From the Tree

Center Stage is a pulsating political thriller that’s filled with wry humor and hits all the right notes. Candidate Tyler Sloan rocks!”

—Michael H. Rubin, author of the award-winning thrillers The Cottoncrest Curse and Cashed Out

“A political thriller to match the 2020 election. Utilizing his experiences from government and campaigns, Avrashow brings a real-life quality to the characters. Having served for sixteen years in the California Assembly, I can unequivocally state—Avrashow nailed it.”

—Hon. Richard Katz, Democratic Leader, California State Assembly (ret.)

Center Stage is both fascinating and entertaining, it is a MUST read.”

—Aura E. Martinez, author of Creating a Lifetime of Wellness

“It’s hard to put this book down.”

—Doug Kriegel, Emmy Award-winning journalist

“An intriguing spin on the phenomenon of celebrities-as-candidates.”

—Bob Ronka, Los Angeles City Councilmember (ret.)

Center Stage is a must-read. Avrashow draws on his extensive experience in California politics to craft a thriller to satisfy political junkies and general readers. The pages turn themselves in this fast-paced insider’s view of a most unusual candidate and his campaign for the Senate.”

—S. Frederic Liss, award-winning author of The Fire This Time, A Novel

“I have run campaigns and been a candidate. Center Stage takes you right to the center of the chaos, drama, personalities, and comedy of a campaign. If you like American President, The West Wing, Madame Secretary, and VEEP, you’ll love this book.”

—Fred Gaines, Esq., Mayor/Councilmember, City of Calabasas

“An impressively entertaining and carefully crafted novel from cover to cover. Center Stage is extraordinarily and unreservedly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Juggling the dramas of a Senate campaign, Center Stage is a suspenseful novel about a rock star candidate with a party-filled past.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews

Center Stage Cover
January 12, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-64543-794-9